Little Hoopers All-Stars (preschool)

A Fun and Positive way to Learn the Sport of Basketball

About the Little Hoopers All-Stars:

  • Little Hoopers All-Stars is an innovative step-by-step approach that builds confidence and self-esteem in a fun and safe sports environment.
  • Little Hoopers All-Stars helps kids get ready for sports and to succeed in life.
  • Little Hoopers All-Stars is a comprehensive motor skills development program.
  • Little Hoopers All-Stars teaches Discipline, Respect, Teamwork & Self-Confidence, along with following directions, being considerate of peers, coaches and positive reinforcement.

"It is never too early - train like a Pro with C. LaRue Hoops!"

How Little Hoopers All-Stars works:

Each 35 minute Little Hoopers All-Stars session is led by a qualified instructor. Over an 8 week period your child will learn the fundamentals of basketball as he or she develops coordination, balance, strength and many social skills that will carry on through a life time!

We teach the fundamentals of the game of basketball:

  • Coordination – basketball specific coordination’s improving motor skills
  • Defense – technique and movement improving physical fitness
  • Ball Handling – basketball specific skills improving speed & hand eye coordination
  • Passing – technique improving motors skills & hand eye coordination
  • Shooting – technique “BEEF” works balance, strength, coordination & motor skills
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